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We offer a complete range of equipment covering ...

SMT Assembly
Productivity & Facilities
Chemistry & Consumables 

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Screen Printers ...
Fuji GPX Series high accuracy printers.

Pick & Place Systems ...
Fuji America offers the AIMEX for high mix environments & the NXT for high volume users, all driven by the powerful NEXIM smart factory platform. 

Odd-Form Systems & Robots ...
Fuji S-Fab modular customizable assembly solutions.
Fuji SmartWing compact multi-joint robot.

Soldering Systems ...
Heller Industries reflow & curing applications, vertical & horizontal platforms, & custom appplications.

Automation & Conveyors ...
Flexlink for conveyor, loaders, PCB marking & automation cells.

Inventory Management ...
Cluso InvMan parts management & delivery system.

Cleaning Solutions ...
Inventec cleaning chemistry, equipment & innovations.

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Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) ...
Pemtron offers 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) & Conformal Coating Inspection (CCI).

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) ...
Nordson Yestech offers 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) with a built-in module for paste inspection, along with a standalone SPI solution.

First Article Inspection (FAI) ...
Cluso Vision Systems is a true FAI machine for PCB assembly, offering an improved, & faster, visual inspection process.

Inline X-Ray (AXI) ...
Nordson Matrix offers a range of hi-res, high speed & flexible inline X-Ray systems.

X-Ray & Failure Analysis (FA) ...
Nordson Dage is considered a leader in the X-Ray & FA space, offering a full range of 3D capability, especially for the electronics industry.

Innovative Microscopes range of digital microscopes are versatile & ergonomically suited to PCB inspection. A full range of stereo scopes are also available.

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Inventory Management ...
Cluso InvMan takes a different approach to SMT parts inventory. The mobile InvMan trolley goes from receiving inspection to the factory floor. It is possible to eliminate your SMT parts warehouse AND dispense with traditional kitting techniques. Competitive pricing makes for fast return on investment.

Parts Counting ...
Visiconsult X-Ray parts counter brings real value to the challenges of managing inventory. And it's a perfect complement to the Cluso InvMan system.

Solder Recovery ...
EVS solder recovey systems are one of the easiest justifications for any shop creating dross.

ESD Flooring ...
StaticStop is a provider of functional & premium flooring, including the FreeStyle ESD™interlocking tile. This is an overlay interlock product (no glue required!) the you can lay around your equipment, with a mimimum of disruption to production.

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Cleaning Chemistry ...
Inventec performance chemicals for cleaning.

Solder & Flux ...
Inventec offer a range of high performance solutions for electronics assembly, including solder paste, solder bar & fluxes. Process support & assistance is also available.

BROCK SMT Supplies ...
Stapler Splicing System & Supplies, this is a unique approach to improving the quality & efficiency of the splicing operation on your SMT lines.
Understencil Wiping Rolls, available for most popular brands of screen printers.
SMT Leader Tape Extenders for cut reels.

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Local ...
While our focus is on new equipment, we ocassionally assist with the resale of used equipment for our customers. We don't buy used equipment, but we can offer your well-maintained piece of equipment to other potential customers. This service is offered for a nominal commission.

Preferred Supplier ...
In those situations where budget won't allow for a new machine, we work with IBE SMT to offer an alternative. This company has a proven track record of standing behind what they sell.

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