E Excellence Since 1967


The global leader in innovation for SMT Pick & Place featuring the new advanced AIMEX IIs platform with likely the world’s best single machine solution for throughput & flexibility, along with the “Borderless Optimization” concept for maximum machine utilization when two or more machines are required.

APEX FA Product Family

Mirae - SMT Pick & Place, advanced technology solutions with on-board part shape generator, linear motors, intelligent feeders, etc.

Dima - Compact modular Pick & Place machines for lower volume production.

SJ Inno Tech - Screen Printers, 2D & a full 3D option that can run at line speeds.

Xavis - Sophisticated SMT & semiconductor X-Ray solutions.

Reflow ovens … from TSM, Heller & Dima to match

A-Tek Product Family

Asscon - Vapor Phase Soldering with small footprint batch to full inline systems, for high reliability products. Inert atmosphere & also with optional vacuum environment.

Ebso - Selective Soldering, competitively priced with proven German technology. Dual pot & dual flux options.

Kolb - Cleaning Systems for PCB, Stencil Cleaning & general industrial applications. Kolb chemistry also available.

Other - A full range of Routers & Depaneling solutions. Dry Storage Solutions.

Heller Industries

The premier SMT Reflow Oven innovation company.


Back end automation specialists for all assembly environments &, of course, conveyor solutions. Barcode Labellers, Laser & Inkjet Marking systems with sophisticated software & tracking solutions.


The world’s leading volume producer of wave soldering systems, ULc approved for Canada

Maestek Smart Assembly Station

Manual PCB Assembly made easy & smart! Laser guided assembly workstation with Pick to Light & intelligent LCD panel interface.


Ultra high resolution digital X-Ray systems with real time CT manipulation complimented by the Dage Bondtest range with shear & pull test capabilities.

New for 2015 - Introducing the new Dage Xi3400 AXI system


Long the AOI leader in PCB assembly, the new FX-940 further enhances that reputatoin. Available in 2D & 3D configurations.


Pemtron's color 3D solder paste inspection system uses the latest color algorithm to produce realistic images in a fast & accurate inspection platform that is fast & easy to program.


Accurate & high speed X-Ray parts counting with inventory system integration.


This vision inspection tool defies budget restrictions. Improved quality & time savings offer rapid payback & includes traceability functionality


A full range of offline 2D & 3D Solder Paste Inspection systems including large board capable models. Also a Coplanarity Inspection system & a Hardness Tester.

StaticStop ESD Flooring

Full range of quality ESD flooring products including the innovative Freestyle ESD™, a system of interlocking tiles that can be laid over existing flooring without glues or

epoxies, with little to no production disruption & downtime.


A Dross Recovery System, the $older $aver is a low cost, portable tool that simply makes sense in the cost sensitive word of PCB assembly. With today’s solder pricing, the Solder Saver offers very fast payback & improved pot maintenance.


Splice clips, tools & tape for all SMT systems

Tape extenders for partially cut reels

Understencil Roll for all popular screen printers


Quality custom PCB pallets including any challenging selective soldering applications