E Excellence Since 1967

APEX FA Product Family

Mirae - SMT Pick & Place, advanced technology solutions with on-board part shape generator, linear motors, intelligent feeders, etc.

Dima - Compact modular Pick & Place machines for lower volume production.

SJ Inno Tech - Screen Printers, 2D & a full 3D option that can run at line speeds.

Xavis - Sophisticated SMT & semiconductor X-Ray solutions.

Reflow ovens … from TSM, Heller & Dima to match

A-Tek Product Family

Asscon - Vapor Phase Soldering with small footprint batch to full inline systems, for high reliability products. Inert atmosphere & also with optional vacuum environment.

Ebso - Selective Soldering, competitively priced with proven German technology. Dual pot & dual flux options.

Kolb - Cleaning Systems for PCB, Stencil Cleaning & general industrial applications. Kolb chemistry also available.

Getech - A full range of Routers & Depaneling solutions.


Wavesoldering systems, UL approval on all machines for our market.

Maestek Smart Assembly Station

Manual PCB Assembly made easy & smart! Laser guided assembly workstation with Pick to Light & intelligent LCD panel interface.


The $older $aver is a low cost, portable dross recovery tool for solder pots, lead & lead free.


Innovation & value from a full range of AOI, SPI, AXI & complete MDA, ICT & function test capability. This company is one of the leading suppliers to a world class list of customers in Asia, Europe & North America. Their growth in the test & inspection area ensures that they won’t cause any concern for dependability of future support & supply.


This PCB Vision Inspection tool defies budget restrictions. Improved quality & time savings offer rapid payback & includes traceability functionality. Ideal for First-Off or First Article Inspection, NPI & small batch manufacturing. In fact, whenever human inspection is required, Cluso will make that inspection process faster & more accurate.


Splice clips, splicing tape & splicing tools, including a new “stapler” tool. In addition to standard brass/copper clips we offer a new steel clip which is more rigid & provides improved alignment of the carrier tape reel to reel.


If you find yourself loading partially cut reels, call for a sample of our tape extenders.


With a selection of materials, our understencil roll is available for most popular brands & models of screen printer. If we don’t have yours, just send us the spec.

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