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Solder Saver vs. The Rest

Truly simple & very effective, the Solder Saver is used to separate solder from the dross amalgam floating on the surface of the solder pot. For the most part, basic attempts at mechanical separation are time consuming & of little value. Offline systems can be effective but are typically expensive & require that dross be transported from the pot to the machine. Chemical additives, while of varying effectiveness, typically carry with them a high, ongoing consumable cost, coupled with a fear of contamination.


A Simple, Low Cost Solution

The Solder Saver on the other hand, is simple & effective. It works right in the solder pot, during regular maintenance activities but the dross removed after using Solder Saver is just that ....... DROSS! The alloy is worked out of the amalgam & is sent back where it belongs, in your solder pot. The dross that is then removed from the pot is simply the light metal oxides.

Check it Out for Yourself ..............

The process is fast & easy. Check out a brief video of the operation HERE.

The Solder Saver Dross Recovery System More Aprotec Info
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