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Stapler Splicing System

Splicing isn’t very complex but the process can be improved & the Stapler Splicing System does just that by ….

The cost of tools & supplies are pretty comparable to traditional supplies but the overall improvement in the efficiency & effectiveness of the splicing process makes the stapler splicing process a hands down winner.

Z-Check 900 Hardness Testing

Stapler Splicing

While the tool can be used as a hand tool, most users will benefit from mounting the tool on the Mobile Docking Station. The tool is secured to the swivel mount for ease of splicing from either side or for double splicing. The Docking Station provides for splice tape storage & peel off, tool storage & reel mounting.

The Splice Grids are quickly & easily added to the tool. It’s actually easier than loading up the typical office stapler that’s in your top drawer!


You bet! Users report time savings up to 11 seconds per splice, for a more repeatable quality splice connection. Moreover, the operators love the system compared to the traditional tools.

The Stapler Splicing Tool The Stapler Splicing Tool mounted on the Mobile Docking Station Stapler Splice Grids
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