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Excellence Since 1967

Founded in 1967, BROCK Electronics is a supplier of premium equipment, consumables, software & engineering services to the electronics & general manufacturing industries.

While we aspire to provide the best of products & services to all of our customers, all the time, we really differentiate ourselves by being there for you on those rare occasions when things don’t  go exactly as planned.

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BROCK Electronics

New for 2015 ….
AOI, AXI, SPI, ESD & More!

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The new Dage Xi3400 AXI …

Let’s be honest here, we’re in business to make as much money as possible, in a reasonable timeframe,  so we can retire early & hit golf balls way more often than we do right now.

We know we can’t do that without helping our suppliers & our customers do the same!

Our real mission is quite simple, we like to work with good products, from good people, so that we can deliver high value to good customers. The rest should be automatic.

And you can probably tell that we like to have fun doing it so please, no purchase necessary, join us for the fun bit!


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