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Founded in 1967, BROCK Electronics is a supplier of premium equipment, consumables, software & engineering services to the electronics & general manufacturing industries.

While we aspire to provide the best of products & services to all of our customers, all the time, we really differentiate ourselves by being there for you on those rare occasions when things don’t  go exactly as planned.

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BROCK Electronics

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We like to deliver good products, made & supplied by good people, so that we can deliver high value to the good people at our customer locations. It’s all about the people.

And we like to enjoy ourselves while doing all that.


New Products


We have just started working with another German company, VisiConsult, who specialise in accurate, high-speed, X-Ray parts counting systems. With a cycle time of about 8 seconds, you can integrate this system into your ERP & inventory systems.

Heller Reflow now on the card

We are now offering the full range of Heller SMT Reflow systems to our customers across the country. Having worked with the good folk at Heller Industries as part of their partnership with Fuji America, we are now happy to be able to offer these systems to all our customers.

QUADRA Series X-Ray from Dage

Nordson Dage has just recently announced the new Quadra Series X-Ray systems. This new platform replaces the Ruby & Diamond machines, with a host of improvements. If you have ever considered one of these machines, it’s time to take another look.

General Mailbox Changed

We have replaced our old general mailbox (info@brockelectronics.com) with a new one.

Please use  Inquiry@BrockElectronics.com instead.

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