Excellence Since 1967

Founded in 1967, BROCK Electronics is a manufacturer's representative providing equipment & supplies to the electronics assembly industry in Canada. We offer industry leading products for assembly, inspection, & test.

BROCK is the North American distributor for Cluso InvMan, a smart inventory control system. Cluso InvMan optimizes parts delivery to your SMT lines, improves line efficiency, & can recover valuable warehouse space.

SMT Assembly & Inspection Equipment

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Bright Machines

Bright Machines is a software & robotics company creating  automation solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. A unique software driven solution with microfactories for back end automation.




X-Ray Parts Counter

HMT Solder
Canadian Solder Paste, Solder Wire
& Bar, Cleaning Chemistry & Liquid Flux


ESD Flooring


Our used equipment partner, for your buying or selling needs.


The miracle fixer-upper. For PCBs, machine parts, clocks, tools, boats, hot tubs & more. You name it, if it's broken, Plast-Aid® might work to fix it!
This stuff should have its own info-mercial!!! LOL

BROCK Consumables

Full range of splicing supplies, tape leaders & understencil wiping rolls.

Understencil Wiping Rolls

Understencil rolls for most leading brands of printer.

Tape Leaders (Extenders)

Tape leader extenders for all reels of all part sizes.

Splicing Systems, Tools & Supplies

Semi-automated stapler splicing system, tools, & supplies.